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Science Picture Book: Bridges Go From Here to There

Wilson, F. (1993). Bridges go from here to there. Washington D.C. The Preservation Press. Plot: Why are arches used in some bridges? What is a truss? Why does a feather float to the ground when it’s dropped and why does an elephant … Continue reading

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Math Picture Book: Place Value

Adler, D. & Miller E. (2016). Place Value. New York. Holiday House. Plot: Looking for a creative way to teach children about place value? David Adler’s book, Place Value is the book you need. Through a charming troop of monkeys who … Continue reading

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Elementary Poetry Book: Lizards, Frogs, and Polliwogs

Florian, D. (2001). Lizards, frogs and polliwogs. New York: Scholastic. Plot: Contained in this whimsical book are Douglas Florian’s 21 poems about various reptiles and amphibians.  Children will discover some interesting facts about these creatures. They will also have their … Continue reading

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Classic/Contemporary Book Pairing-Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl and The Book Thief

                    Plot: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl: In 1942, thirteen year old Anne, her family and four others move into a “Secret Annex” during the Nazi occupation of Holland. During these two … Continue reading

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Math and the Library

This past week, I focused on getting information for my PLN through Facebook. This was an arduous task, as I have liked over 350 pages on the site. Basically, I scrolled down my pages feed and clicked the notifications button … Continue reading

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Personal Learning Network

For my first Personal Learning Network (PLN) entry, I am simply writing about what a PLN is and how I can create my own.  According to Professor Buchanan of San Jose State University, a PLN is, “The resources you use … Continue reading

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