Two Heads are Better Than One- Even in Cyberspace

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when I discovered that teamwork would be the norm rather than the exception during my time at SJSU.  I wondered how teamwork was even remotely possible in an all online environment.  

Sure, I had been on teams before, but these were face to face.   As a teacher, I served on committees. My boss would assign me a task and I would dutifully come back and report my findings to the group.  Additionally,  I often assigned my students tasks that required group collaboration.  

After listening to Dr. Ken Haycock’s and Enid Irwin’s speeches about teamwork, I realized how naive I’d been.  Just because I had served on these teams doesn’t mean that they were functional or the best use of my (or my students’ time). I appreciate Dr Haycock’s psychological analysis of a team.  Forming, storming, naming and performing-these are all stages I’ve experienced.  When I taught, I remember being frustrated when my students   complained about the assignment or spent too much time socializing.  Now, I realize that they were just going through the natural stages of team development.  If some groups had a difficult time getting past the storming stage, I could have done a better job of steering them back in the right direction.  In hindsight, the information I recently learned about teamwork would have been helpful! 

Moving forward, I appreciate Dr. Haycock’s advice of establishing ground rules.  This can alleviate a lot of unnecessary group tension. Furthermore, I like Ms. Irwin’s nuts and bolts approach to having a successful team. What better way to start a team meeting than by discussing everyone’s strengths!  

After listening to this apporach to teamwork, I came back refreshed reminding myself that two heads are better than one.  Yet, I still had the nagging feeling that this still couldn’t be the case in cyberspace.  Thankfully, after reading the content from a Lib 203 learning unit, I discovered all the possibilities!   Black Board IM, Skype, Goggle Docs, Wikis and on are some of the ways I can connect and be part of a team.  Now I am excited to be part of this online adventure.  After all, two heads are better than one- even in cyberspace! 

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One Response to Two Heads are Better Than One- Even in Cyberspace

  1. Indexasaurus Rex says:

    I agree that all the great resources these days, like Google docs and Bb IM, make online teamwork so much easier and enjoyable. Great post! –Robin

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